Liebig collection (501 à 600)

Title FR Title UK * cond Sang VDA54 UNIFI price
Races bovines Types of Cattle b AAA S0503 VA314 F0531 6,40
(Volkslieder) Popular Songs Ill g AAA S0505 VC058 F0504 24,00
(Volkslieder) Popular Songs Ill g AAA S0505 VC058 F0504 24,00
Deutsche Buhnendichter German Dramatists g AAA S0507 VC056 F0502 11,20
(Phénomènes naturels) Nature's Biggest b AAA S0511 VA308 F0509 14,40
(Une excursion dans les alpes) A Journey through the Alps b AAA S0517 VA292 F0515 11,20
(Champignons) Edible Fungi I b AAA S0522 VA312 F0521 30,40
(Images à chercher) Puzzles (Hidden Objects) XX b AAA S0525 VA323 F0524 12,00
Blumen - Poésie Flowers and the Initials"Liebig" g AAA S0526 VC055 F0519 20,80
Prophète (le) "Prophete'' (Opera) b AAA S0528 VA309 F0528 9,60
(Ordres honorifiques) Orders of Chivalry I b AAA S0529 VA310 F0526 12,00
Plaisirs d'été et d'hiver Pleasures of Summer and Winter b AAA S0530 VA316 F0527 13,60
(Attelages) Horse-Drawn Vehicles b AAA S0538 VA301 F0539 11,20
Rattenfaenger von Hameln (der) The Pied Piper of Hamelin g AAA S0539 VC057 F0530 20,80
(Boules de neige (les) Children in Snowballs b AAA S0541 VA321 F0534 18,40
(Alphabet - hommes) Alphabet (Male National Costumes) b AAA S0543 VA327 F0542 20,00
Volkslieder mit rebus Popular Songs IV (with Word Pictures) g AAA S0548 VC063 F0547 13,60
Sérénades de carnaval Carnival Serenades b AAA S0549 VA334 F0548 12,00
Château royaux de Bavière Royal Castles of Bavaria b AAA S0550 VA341 F0549 12,00
Don Quichotte Don Quixote I b AAA S0552 VA337 F0551 11,20
Enfants fleuris Flower Girls VIII b AAA S0554 VA331 F0554 12,80
(Filles - fleurs) Flower Girls IX b AAA S0556 VA332 F0552 18,40
Fleuves de l'Europe European Rivers b AAA S0557 VA350 F0556 9,60
Instruments de musique nationaux Musical Instruments II (National) b AAA S0561 VA343 F0560 12,00
Plantes cultivées d. pays chauds Plants Grown in Warm Countries b AAA S0566 VA335 F0565 8,80
Poètes célèbres Famous Poets b AAA S0567 VA336 F0566 8,80
Provinces d'Italie Regions of Italy b AAA S0569 VA345 F0568 8,80
(Chansons enfantines) Children's Rhymes Ill f AAA S0570 VB177 F0546 160,00
(Chansons enfantines) Children's Rhymes Ill f AAA S0570 VB177 F0546 160,00
(Kinderreime) Children's Rhymes IV f AAA S0571 VB176 F0570 176,00
(Vieilles Scènes françaises) History of France IV b AAA S0573 VA328 F0575 12,00
Styles d'architectures Styles of Architecture II b AAA S0575 VA330 F0574 11,20
Bismarck Bismarck g AAA S0581 VC064 F0582 9,60
Fêtes masquées populaires Popular Masked Festivals b AAA S0588 VA370 F0590 6,40
(Timbres-poste) (outremer) Postage Stamps II b AAA S0589 VA357 F0591 11,20
(Savants et inventeurs) Inventors I b AAA S0594 VA364 F0596 9,60
Célébrités musicales Musical Celebrities b AAA S0596 VA381 F0585 9,60
(Ordres honorifiques) Orders of Chivalry II b AAA S0597 VA375 F0598 20,00
(Pêche) Fishing II b AAA S0599 VA362 F0600 11,20
Ponts remarquables Well Known Bridges b AAA S0600 VA358 F0601 6,40